The Team


► A team of professionals specializing in cutting edge spectral sensor technology, ML/AI, engineering, system architecture, and product development

► Supported by groundbreaking inventors and scientists in consulting and advisor roles who have Ph.D.’s in optical physics, materials science, epidemiology, chemistry, molecular biology and genetics

► Relationships with major research universities and corporations

► Dozens of patents and peer reviewed publications


Broad experience in taking science and technology ideas to reality and leading multiple startups to successful exits.



Matt is an experienced global technology executive with 25+ years of extensive technology start-up experience, successfully applying cutting edge science and information technology to solve real-world business problems.  Matt was a co-founder at Virtustream, an enterprise cloud provider, acquired in 2015 for $1.2B and still a go-to-market brand for Dell Technologies where he led several scaling integrations.



Paolo is a subject matter expert in Visible and Infrared Spectral Sensor Technology. Most recently, He served as a Senior Engineering Fellow and Directorate Chief Engineer for Raytheon Vision Systems Tactical Product Line ($350M). Paolo led the AVB Solutions Portfolio at Xilinx (acquired by AMD for $30B).  Paolo was a co-founder at ImMIX bringing to market the world’s first real-time Non-Linear Video Editing System, The VideoCube, which was ultimately acquired by AVID Technologies.



Lauren has decades of experience in operations management, business scaling and corporate governance. She co-founded a company specializing in strategy consulting and operations to the Department of Homeland Security and had a successful exit to a public company.  Lauren has a fiduciary role as an independent trustee of a JP Morgan mutual fund board and as board chair of Virginia529.


Executive Chairman/

Harry has 30+ years as a technology venture investor and entrepreneur with deep experience in starting, funding, developing and advising high-growth companies. For 15 years (5 Funds) Harry served as a Managing Partner at Columbia Capital, a $2B+ Venture/PE Fund, where he had successful exits and was named to the Forbes Midas List (top 100 venture capitalists).  He has served as a board member for 25+ companies (and founder of 5).